I'm a fish... in League of Legends.

Let's start at the beginning.

Hi, I'm Evenoh. I've been playing games since I was a toddler and my mom has the photos to prove it! Speaking of when I was little, I was a pretty weird kid who liked to make up elaborate stories, mostly that I'm an alien. I'd like to say that today I'm finally over being merely human, but that would be a lie.

I started playing League of Legends in Season 4 and ended every season since in Gold (low gold, yes). I main support - Nami - and I've played her more than most of North America. Don't worry, I'm still bad. So, I'm a fish, and also a masochist because being a support main can be rough. Playing League of Legends can be rough!

Sometimes I play other games. I have a VIVE and sometimes can spend a lot of time in virtual worlds. I played World of Warcraft off and on over the years and stopped around the middle/end of Draenor. Eventually, I might play again.

Call me Evenoh, though I sometimes go by other names - usually Zyymnehya (League) or Kiyani (WoW). In the days of old I was also Little (Littlelittleone - FFXI/Valefor) and Pluto (LastPlutonian - xbox).